Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

For Arrival

There are three distinct areas for students to come on to campus in the morning:

  1. The pathway next to the cold lunch area off of the Cabrillo/Mosswood Entrance
  2. The track parallel to the primary playground by Room 6
  3. The entrance to campus by Room 18 and 19

Students now wait behind the yellow lines in these three areas until they are dismissed by a staff member on yard duty in the morning.  Parents can sign-in at the Office to get a visitor’s badge if they need to be on campus.  Once the bell rings, our teachers start their instructional day with your student and every instructional minute counts.


For Dismissal:

Parents will continue to wait behind the yellow lines.  Once the bell rings, parents can go to their student’s classroom to pick up their child or meet their child at an agreed upon dismissal spot.