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Family Volunteers

Family members of Cherrywood students volunteer at school in many ways.  Some spend an hour every day completing tasks for their child's teacher, while others accompany the class on a field trip.  Family members need to inform the classroom teacher of their interest in helping during the school year.  Parents or relatives of students who plan to assist in the classroom are required to give the school a copy of the results of a current TB test for the school to keep on file AND complete a Volunteer Application Form PRIOR to working in the classroom. 


If you plan on volunteer in the 2024-2025 school year please make sure you have an updated TB result from the last four years. If you been TB positive, please do risk assessment form with your medical provider. For more information, please visit: Here. Applications will be avaliable when we return back to office on July 24, 2024. 

TB tests may be completed at the Health Department or at your local doctor's office every 4 yrs. Parents and/or other relatives chaperoning a class field trip are asked to have a TB test on file, also, for the safety of all students in the class.  Having a current TB test helps insure a healthy environment for all students and their families. 

In addition, reminders to all children to wash their hands after using the toilet and before eating helps reduce the spread of viruses, as does coughing into your elbow rather than your hand.  Families are reminded to have your children get plenty of sleep prior to the start of school, as well as during the school week and to eat nutritious meals every day.  If you have any questions about healthy habits for your children, please call the office at 408-923-1915.
Community Volunteers
Parents volunteer each year at various community events in support of Cherrywood School.  Parents and other family members encourage their friends, neighbors, and business associates, also, to contribute their time and resources to our school whenever possible.  Cherrywood families are, also, asked to seek community donations, as matching funds, when possible to support school sponsored field trips, assemblies, and other special events.  Any and all donations are welcomed to support our classrooms and our students.  Please contact our office at 408-923-1915 if you can contribute your time, talents, and/or resources to our school.
Other Volunteer Ideas
If you sing, play an instrument, dance, or have invented something interesting and you are willing to share your talent with our students, please call the office at 408-923-1915 to schedule a visit to Cherrywood.