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Thursday, August 11, First day of school

Message from THE Principal
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Dear Cherrywood Parents,
This has been quite a school year as we came back for full  in person learning last August.  We all had to adjust to new protocols and procedures due to Covid-19.  I want to thank everyone for your cooperation as we all worked towards keeping our school community healthy and safe.  In the midst of it all, our Cherrywood School community continues to thrive and grow.  Even with the new protocols, we were still able to host different schoowide events, just virtually.  I want to thank all parents who regularly attended our school meetings whether it was a HSC/SSC meeting, MIPAC meeting, Principal’s Coffee, or SST.  We were also able to host monthly virtual Spirit Assemblies where students were able to come together virtually and celebrate being a Cherrywood Charger.  Students did a great job sharing their latest talents with us.  In addition, we were still able to hold schoolwide events such as the Kid’s Heart Challenge, Lunch Bunches, Lunar New Year video/goody bags, EcoHeart assembly, Children’s Day Celebration and more.  
Our dedicated parent volunteer group also doubled in size as parents volunteered to put in the extra effort it took to have these events.  The perseverance, patience, and pride that our school communtiy developed through this time is admirable and is what makes us strong.  I am looking forward to continued growth as a school community as we all strive to be learners for a lifetime.
I would also like to congratulate all of our fifth graders who will be moving on to middle school next.  I am so proud of the resiliency they have demonstrated through all of this.  
Have a wonderful summer! We’ll see you on Thursday, August 11th, the First day of School
Partners in Education,
Mrs. Choy
updated: 6/16/22

Cherrywood School Site testing every Friday
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Register for free COVID-19 Testing

We encourage our staff and families to register your students for weekly school site testing, especially during this Winter season. Schedules vary by site. Please contact your school to learn your weekly testing day. This registration process also provides permission for your students to be tested when they are considered a close contact for school exposure if response testing is available and helps expedite that process. As a reminder, if you are notified to pick up your child from school for exposure, please be sure to check them out from the office. There will be additional information for testing and isolation that you will be provided.

Register for free COVID-19 Testing


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To ensure the safety and supervision of our students during lunch time, we have a couple open positions for a NOON DUTY SUPERVISOR. This position is a great way to be an active part of our school community on a daily basis and get paid.  Noon duty aides get to oversee students during students’ favorite part of their school day.  If you or someone you know is interested in this position, please contact Duy Tran in HR at 408-923-1851 to apply or click HERE to apply.  We would love for you to join our Cherrywood team.

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